RECOMMENDED PLATFORM: Apple II,+ ,e ,c 64K min., 5.25 drive

The accidental paddle ball...

Here's a development prototype for an arcade game I dreamed up by virture of a programming mistake! What I mean by this is that I was after a certain behavior and in hacking together the main algorithm in assembly language, I stumbled across a totally unexpected emergent behavior that was far cooler than my original intentions.

I put the algorithm in a game framework and it's pretty complete with sounds, and relatively advanced hi-res graphics for the time. It has score keeping, a timer and multiple lives on top of the uncanny paddle ball action. This game prototype utilizes a joystick for control. Watch out for the invisible fly paper on the floor!


Each zip file contains .dsk and .stm filetypes which are compatible with most emulators.

     WangerBall V A0.0 ( 79,436)

Should you experience any difficulty in downloading and unpacking these files please e-mail for technical assistance, it is unclear whether you will actually get any, but give it a try anyway.

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