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Making Cursors

Written by: William Stephens - August 15.1990

This technical note describes how to construct cursors for use with Quickdraw II utilizing the Call Box Image Editor.

Cursors are perhaps the most confusing type of image to create. Actually they are quite straight forward and simple and have but a few rules for successful construction.

The Call Box Image Editor (Version 1.1) has a new function which aids in the creation of cursors ... this function is called INVERT IMAGE. To construct a cursor you must create/load an image and then capture it the same way you would capture an icon or pixel image, the one exception is that you need to have 4 or more columns of unused pixels on the right hand side of your captured image. You must white-out any pixels in the image that you do not want to have show up and then copy the image to the mask. The next step is to invert the image and then finally set the hot spot.

Cursors captured this way maintain their color integrity providing that the super hi-res screen is using the same palette that the captured image was in when the cursor is used.

Figure 17.1

Further Reference
Apple IIgs Toolbox Reference Manuals Vol's 1,2 and 3

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