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Recommended Reference Documentation

Written by: William Stephens - March 15,1990

This technical note lists recommended reference documentation needed to get a full understanding of the Apple IIgs and its operating systems.

The following are monthly publications that are Apple II specific. There are more and possibly better known publications than these but you will find that you do not get the depth and level of the information provided by these ones.
A2 Central                    8/16                          Computist
P.O. Box 11250                (Arial Publishing, Inc.)      33821 E. Orville Rd.
Overland Park, KS. 66207      P.O. Box 398                  Eatonville, WA. 98328
(913)469-6502                 Pateros, WA. 98846            (206)474-5750
The following are Apple IIgs reference manuals that describe the thousands of functions and features of the Apple IIgs and its operating system ... a must for serious programming.
       Manual Name                              A2 Central            A.P.D.A. 
Applesoft Programmers Reference                  AW-021               A2Z2022
Beneath Apple ProDOS                             QS-001                -----
Apple IIgs FIrmware Reference                    AW-022               A2G0054
Apple IIgs Hardware Reference                    AW-002               A2G0055
Apple IIgs Toolbox Reference #1                  AW-019               A2G0057
Apple IIgs Toolbox Reference #2                  AW-006               A2G0058
Apple IIgs Toolbox Reference #3                   ----                A0229U/A
GS/OS Reference #1                                ----                A2F2037 
GS/OS Reference #2                                ----                A0008U/A 

           A2 Central                    A.P.D.A.
           P.O. Box 11250                20525 Mariani Avenue, M/S 33G 
           Overland Park, KS 66207       Cupertlno,CA 95014-6299 
           (913)469-6502                 1(800)282-2732
This support documentation is vital to understanding the Apple IIgs. ... at first glance it seems like a lot but once you have been through it it will seem slightly inadequate. This is the nature of the beast... when you are dealing with systems as complex as the ones associated with the Apple IIgs it is virtually impossible to document all the possible ways of turning it, however .. these references will take you most if not all of the way there.

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