So What Techncial Notes

Call Box
The Call Box Standard for Line Numbering

Written by: William Stephens - March 15,1990

This technical note outlines the Applesoft Line numbering standard for use in conjunction with Call Box BASIC.

With the introduction of standard code templates it has become necessary to assign ranges of line numbers for special uses. There is still a vast range of undefmed numbers for your unique program code. More templates will become available in the future so adherence to this standard should be observed to be compatible "across the board". Using program templates you can construct a very sophistocated and complex program without ever typing in a line of code ... well, maybe one or two.
      0     - 198   Call Box Initialization, Entity Loading, and general Program Initialization
      200   - 298   Main Event Loop 
      300   - 398   Menu distributor 
      400   - 498   Quit handler 
      500   - 34998 (undefined) User assignable line numbers 
      35000 - 39998 (reserved for future expansion)
      40000 - 44998 Sound Manager / ACE handler
      45000 - 49998 Memory Management routines
      50000 - 54998 GS/OS / OMF2 routines 
      55000 - END   Error Message and Environment Initialization 
The ???99 line number should always be reserved for a REM statement, so ranges should go from ???OO to ???98. REM statements should take the form of:
      1999 REM

                 This is a REM statement

      2000 (the first line of your routine)
Getting a REM statement to appear this way requires you to type the line number then the letters REM followed by a space and then a control J (Down Arrow) and then your statement followed by another control J and the press return. This gives you a well space REM statement with a minimum of characters used.

The first 10 lines (line 0 thru 9) should be reserved for a title statement. This is illustrated in any of the Call Box BASIC templates. You will notice that line 9 of these titles is actually an END statement followed by the REM. This is just a reminder to you that templates are incomplete code segments and should never be run directly. When you make programs using templates these lines will always be present after merging, before you use the program created by this process be sure to delete lines 0 thru 9 or the program will not run.

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