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Tool Loading using CB. Too1.List

Written by: William Stephens - January 15,1990

This technical note describes the loading of system tools using the special files named CB.TOOL.LIST, START and CB.PreLaunch in the Call Box TPS V2.0.

Tools are loaded under as/os V5.0.2 in the Call Box TPS environment. These tools are subsequently re-started by the Call Box BASIC Driver under ProDOS 8 control. A method for loading just the files you need is provided by the use of the file CB.TOOL.LIST. This file is placed in the SYSTEM/TOOLS subdirectory of your boot volume and is a standard text type file which you can edit with any word processor or text editing software. Instructions for editing the file is provided in the file itself which also covers the startup order for system tools.

The file CB.TOOL.LIST is read by the programs CB.PreLaunch and the special START program for use on bootable Call Box BASIC disks. These files startup and then shutdown the specified tools making them memory resident ... Call Box BASIC can then re-hook these tools into the system and make them available to your Call Box BASIC programs.

The files CB.PreLaunch and the special START are located in the CB.Init subdirectory of the Launching Shell disk. This subdirectory contains other special files which you should not have to directly manipulate. These files are copied and used by installation scripts which are executed from within the Installer program provided on the Launching Shell disk.

Some of the tools specified in the file CB.TOOL.LIST are not currently supported in V2.0, these tools are noted as such and should not be installed or operated under Call Box BASIC. Failure to heed these warnings will cause crashes and hangs galore! The entries in the CB.TOOL.LIST file have the following format:
                   04,$0301 Quickdraw II                                           | 
                  |---------------------32 characters exactly----------------------|
The tool table is terminated with two ASCII zeroes...OO at the beginning of the last line of the table. The format of the rest of this file is up to you and can contain comments, notes or whatever without restriction as long as the very beginning lines are the tool table.

Further Reference
Call Box BASIC Manual V2.0

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