So What Software Notice

New Program: ACE EDIT
Version: 1.0 - July 1.1990

This program is an ACE (Audio Compression and Expansion) editor named ACErs.

This program is titled ACErs by Joe Jaworski and is used to create compressed sound files from uncompressed ones or to create uncompressed sound files from compressed ones. There are facilities to set the playback speed and volume as well as to preview your sound files.

Sound files created (sampled) with any of the popular digitizing hardware/software products can be edited with ACE EDIT and the size limit of the sound file is proportional to the amount of memory your computer has. This program has operating instructions included under the colored apple menu as well as a description of a proposed compression standard for these files.

Sound Files found on the GEnie BBS as well as other Apple specific boards are usually in forms compatible with this editor and you can directly download them for immediate use.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Joe Jaworski for donating this program for your use. He has created some of the Call Box WYSIWYG Editors, HyperLaunch and numerous other programs and is one of the major movers and shakers of the Apple IIgs community aside from being one of the most intelligent programmers I know.

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