So What Software Notice

New Program: CB.STARTUP
Version: 1.0 - April 1,1990

This program is used by the code supplied in LONG.STRT.TMPLT.

This program simply sets the screen to 80 column text, starts-up CB and RESTOREs the file CB.VARS. The trick to this program is that it CHAINs back into its calling program which then continues operation without ever having to start-up CB from within itself. This allows the calling program to be as large as there is memory for ... (approx 28 to 30K). The calling program must use the program line presented in LONG.STRT.TMPLT and then this program will be evolked automatically. It should be in the same directory as CB, CB.VARS and your calling program, other configurations will necessitate that you alter the paths to suit.

This program should not be run directly! It should only be called from another Applesoft program using the LONG.STRT.TMPLT code line.

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