So What Software Notice

Version: 1.0 - April 1,1990

This library contains merge-able program segments which give your Call Box BASIC programs instant access to routines that are not in the supported command set.

The following are breif descriptions of each templates functions and use. These templates follow the Call Box BASIC Standard for Line Numbering and are fully REMed. Refer to the Tech Notes for the exact use of the routines contained in these templates.

This template is the minimum required code necessry for a desktop application. It includes Desktop Initialization, entity loading thermometer, Event loop, Menu distributor, Close topmost window, No operation and Quit.routines and is used as the starting template in creating a new Call Box BASIC desktop application.

This template provides you with 4 important memory allocation / de-allocation routines. This template is needed by most of the other templates and should rarely be omitted. You can Allocate a block of memory and deallocate it or Allocate a direct page and deallocate it. IMPORTANT PRIMAL FUNCTIONS!

This template gives you the ability to use SoDOS (GS/OS emulator) to issue Class 0 and Class 1 GS/OS commands. These commands are vital for things like sound or OBJ/EXEC file loading. You get A fully automated GSOS Class 1 file load, GSExpandPath, GSOpen, GSRead, GSClose, GSOS Error Handler plus error messages.

This template gives you the ability to load and play sound files in either of the ACE compressed modes or normal uncompressed form. You get A fully automated sound file loader/uncompressor, Play sound and Play sound exclusive. Startup and shutdown code is included as well.

This template changes the first line in the DESKTOP.TMPLT to use the CB.STARTUP program which is used for long Call Box BASIC program code segments that can not to do a -CB from within themselves.

This template is used to either zap the REM statements out of your program to conserve memory space or to put them back in to deliniate a printout. This template effects the REM statements in the Call Box Advanced Function Templates only.

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