So What Software Notice

New Program: MERGE.EDIT
Version: X.0.1 - April 1, 1990

This program is only 2 functions of a future un-announced program. It is provided however to aid in the use of templates for those of you who do not have Applesoft merge programs.

Merge.Edit will merge two Applesoft programs into one or will remove previously merged code sections. This program is filetype S16 and should be placed in the EDITORS subdirectory so it can be selected from the Editors menu in the launching shell
When you enter Merge.Edit you will be presented with an info window displaying stats on two Applesoft programs, one called Applesoft and the other called Applesoft (aux). You can select Display from the Functions menu and two scroll windows will fill the screen. This is an alternate display mode for this editor and should only be used when speed is not a factor to you ... it is very slow! (This will be fixed eventually, for right now this is experimental code).

Use the File menu selection Load Applesoft to load your target program (the program that is to be written to). Next load the program that is to be appended to this file by using the File menu selection Load Applesoft (aux). Now select the Functions menu selection Merge to write the aux program into the main program. You can now select Save Applesoft or even Save Text which saves a text file of the Applesoft program code. You can repetitively load and merge several Applesoft aux program code segments without indicent. NOTE: Once a program has been merged the aux program copy in memory can not be used again, it must be reloaded if you want to remove the merged code for example.

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