So What Software Notice

New Program: AMP
Version: 1.0 - April 1,1990

This program is an Ampersand interpreter for the program CB. and is supported by the Call Box BASIC program AMPER.EDIT found on C.B.P.A. sampler #1.

This program is installed after installing the file CB. You can now issue Ampersand (&) commands (Edit these commands with the Call Box BASIC program AMPER.EDlT). This program will use a page of bank zero memory just as most tools will. This page will be managed automatically by the program. It will be disposed of by the issue of the CBShutdown command (CALL QF).

Using ampersand commands is advantageous in the fact that you do not have to RESTORE CB.VARS because variables are not used to identify functional families in ampersand programming. The disadvantage in using ampersand commands is that they usually take up more code space than calls and if you heed the aforementioned advantage you will not be able to locate the BASIC Driver global page. If you use ampersand style commands (preferable for foreign language users) it is strongly advised that you still RESTORE CB.VARS because many "advanced" functions of the BASIC driver depend on some of the addresses it contains.

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