So What Software Notice

Program Revision: CB
Version: 2.1b11 September 1,1990
Prior Version: 2.1b3 July 1,1990

This revision fixes several bug found in the software: (see sampler #3)
V1.0.0 December 1988
1. Initial release.

V2.0.0 September 1989
1. SoDOS (GS/OS emulator) was added to the system as well as Image Edit and the launching shell was enhanced with several functions.

V2.0.1 April 1990
1. The port commands for local to global and global to local were not referencing the windows port ree. This caused the wrong coordinates to be returned.
2. The long poke command would not poke values to any address other than bank O. Attempts to poke addresses above bank zero would result in trashing some bytes somewhere in bank zero.
3. The SoDOS (GS/OS Emulator) Classl OpenGS call would only return the first byte of the auxtype. This would cause unpredictable results for software using the codes stored in the auxtype fields of a ProDOS file.

V2.1b3 July 1990
1. The Dialog command to return text would malfunction when 2 or more text items were fetched. The program was not updating an internal pointer.
2. CALL SF has been added to this driver. This call creates and operates LOAD and SAVE dialogs which are identical to STANDARD FILE TOOL boxes in GS/OS V5.0.2. CB V2.1 b3 requires the file SF and CB.INITb1 to be present in the boot volumes SYSTEM/SYSTEM.SETUP subdirectory. The old CB.INIT can be discarded. To make the SF functions available in BASIC add the following statements directly after you issue a RESTORE CB.VARS ...

GS = AY + 3 : SF = GS + 3

V2.1b11 September 1990
1. The Standard File emulator (SF) has been modified to concatenate patbnames correctly and to display them as well. Several bugs were fixed in the process.

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