Call Box Programmers Association
Packet #3

November 1, 1990

Welcome to C.B.P.A.
This packet is the third in a series of quarterly issues which teach the Call Box BASIC programmer how to use advanced functions in Call Box BASIC. This issue includes a V2.1 bll upgrade for C.B.P.A. members only! There are demos, new programs and features such as improved Standard File functions. 2 editor revisions and several windows, dialogs, menus, cursors, and images. This issue also introduces 3 Software Notices and 4 Tech Notes.

Use the supplied disk (sampler.3) to upgrade your system to V2.1bll as follows:

For 3.5" disk
  Replace Files 
    /sampler.3/cb -> /call.box.3/basic/cb
    /sampler.3/system/system.setup/cb.initbl -> /call.box/system/system.setup/cb.init
  Add Files 
    /sampler .3/system/system.setup/sf -> /call. box/system/system.setup/sf
    /sampler.3/entity -> /call.box.3/basic/entity (copy all new entities only) 

For Hard Drives
  Replace Files 
    /sampler.3/cb -> /(your volume )/call.box/basic/cb
    /sampler.3/system/system.setup/cb.initb1 -> /(your volume )/system/system.setup/cb.init
  Add Files 
    /sampler.3/system/system.setup/sf -> /(your volume)/system/system.setup/sf
    /sampler.3/entity -> /(your volume)/call.box/basic/entity (copy all new entities only) 

Note: You should put your C.B.P.A. disk(s) on you hard drive by copying them as folders named C.B.P.A.l, C.B.P.A.2 etc. etc. in the Call.Box subdirectory of your hard drive. Delete the system folders in these directorys because they are redundant and not used on a hard drive. Make sure to put all new changes in the Call Box system in your boot volumes directories.