Call Box Programmers Association
Packet #1

April 1, 1990

Welcome to C.B.P.A.
This packet is the first in a series of quarterly issues which teach the Call Box BASIC programmer how to use advanced functions in Call Box BASIC. This issue includes a V2.0.1 upgrade for C.B.P.A. members only! There are demos, new programs and features such as ampersand commands and program templates. 2 new editors and several windows, dialogs, menus, icons, cursors, images and sound files. This issue also introduces 6 Software Notices, 12 Tech Notes and a Newsletter to boot!

Use the supplied disk (sampler. 1) to upgrade your system to V2.0.1 as follows:

For 3.5" disk
  Replace Files
    /sampler.1/cb -> /call.box.3/basic/cb
    /samp1er.l/system/tools/cb.tool.list -> /call.box/system/tools/cb.tool.list
  Add Files 
    /sampler.1/amp -> /call.box.3/basic/amp
    /sampler.l/amper.edit -> /call.box.3/basic/amper.edit
    /sampler.l/merge.edit -> /call.box.2/editors/merge.edit
    /sampler.l/cb.startup 0 /call.box.3/basic/cb.startup 
    /sampler.l/templates -> /call.box.2/templates
    /sampler.1/entity -> /call.box.3/basic/entity 

For Hard Drives
  Replace Files 
    /sampler.1/cb -> /(your volume )/call.box/basic/cb
    /sampler.l!system/tools/cb.tool.list -> /(your volume )/system/tools/cb.tool.list
  Add Files 
    /sampler.1/amp -> /(your volume )/call.box/basic/amp
    /sampler.l/amper.edit -> /(your volume)/call.box/basic/amper.edit
    /sampler.l/merge.edit -> /(your volume )/call.box/editors/merge.edit
    /sampler.l/cb.startup -> /(your volume )/call.box/basic/cb.startup 
    /sampler.l/templates -> /(your volume )/call.box/templates
    /sampler.l/entity -> /(your volume )/call.box/basic/entity

Note: When using sound and especially ACE from your hard drive it will be necessary to launch the program CB.PreLaunch to get GS/OS's mind right! If you are launching from HyperLaunch then no special attention is needed because HyperLaunch V3.0.2 installs and uses ACE tools.