Call Box Commands
Version 2.0 15 Jan-90

CALL TX the TEXT commands

There are 6 commands that control text. Font 1.0. #0 is reserved for the system font (Shaston 8). Fonts #1-15 can be loaded in from disk and are the IIgs modified Mac font file type $C8. You can set the color for foreground and background plus set the font face for normal, bold, underline, outline, shadow and italics. The mode can be set the same as in the CALL PN commands.

The font is plotted at the current ports pen position ... after a string is ploltted the horizontal pen position is advanced to the end of the plotted string.

CALL TX,0,F,"string" DRAW TEXT: this will plot the string using font F.
CALL TX,1 ,FO,BK SET COLORS: sets the foreground and background colors 0-15.
CALL TX,2,TF SET TEXT FACE: sets the style that the font will appear in (see Figure 2.14).
CALL TX,3,MO SET FONT MODE: sets the mode that the font will be plotted in (see Figure 2.11).
CALL TX,4,F,"pathname" LOAD FONT: loads a type $C8 font from disk as LD. F.
CALL TX,5,F,"string",A GET TEXT LENGTH: returns the width of the string in pixels using font F. A has the width.

Font number 0-15 (font #0 is Shaston 8).

Foreground color of text (actual text color).

Background color of a rectangle that encloses the text.

Text face ... this i~ a bit flag byte that enables the various text styles (see Figure 2.14).

A number 0-7 that selects the drawing mode for the text (see Figure 2.11).

A text string of ASCII characters not to exceed 255 characters in length.

A ProDOS 8 patbname of the font you want to load. This font must be a filetype $C8. Fonts specified by filename only must be in the boot volumes SYSTEM/FONTS subdirectory.

Figure 2.14t
Figure 2.14 Text face flags