Call Box Commands
Version 2.0 15 Jan-90

CALL TL the TOOL commands

There are 2 commands that control the starting up of supported tool sets. A tool set must be started up before it can be used. The TOOL command "CALL TL" provides an easy method for the BASIC programmer to startup required tool sets.

There are two options available with both the startup and shutdown calls: a) Startup a specific tool set, or b) Startup dependent tool sets in order (the HighOrder call).

Example: The HighOrder Startup call will startup all tool sets required by the one you specify. So if you wanted to use Dialog in your program, all tools needed by the Dialog Manager would be started up for you automatically, you don't need to make a call for each individual tool.

Note: It is necessary to make the CALL QF before exiting BASIC to any other system. (CALL QF takes care of freeing up and disposing of all memory reserved for the BASIC Interface as well).

CALL TL,O,"toolname" STARTUP ONE TOOL: starts up the tool specified by toolname.
CALL TL,1, ***: Unused ... (reserved)
CALL TL,2,"toolname" HIGH ORDER STARTUP: starts up all tools required by, up to and including, the toolset

One of the following strings describing which tool(s) to use in the call. The strings are case insensitive: they can be any combination of cases and still function right. However, if not spelled as shown below, you will receive a "Tool Not Supported" error. More tools will become available in a later release.


The toolname "DESK" will startup all currently supported tools and is the recommended command for desktop applications. Starting up fewer tools does not free up any memory. All tools remain memory resident throughout all CB BASIC operations.