Call Box Commands
Version 2.0 15 Jan-90


Standard Files are high level tool functions which are dependent on other toolbox functions as well as GS/OS (ProDOS16) commands. These functions need to be initialized by using the "high level" startup command CALL TL,2,"Desk" (see CALL TL in this manual for a complete description). This call will startup all tools needed for desktop applications ... the Standard File tools use most of them.

The Standard File tools are located in the file SF which must be in the SYSTEM/SETUP directory along with CB.INITb.1. The file CB must be version 2.1b3 or greater.

Figure 2.14.1
Figure 2.14.1 Standard File dialogs

Standard File dialogs are used to concatenate ProDOS pathnames using the point and click desktop method. The dialog has buttons with which you can OPEN or CLOSE files, Switch Volumes and Create folders. The buttons will change the contents of the list window within which you can select or double click individual filenames. When your selection process is finished Standard File returns you the Filename and Full Pathname selected. You then use this information to actually load and save the data using ProDOS or GS/OS commands.

The Standard File commands require you to supply the upper left hand coordinates for the box and a prompt string (plus a defaultfilenamefor save boxes). When you are done with the box then the Standard File commands return a good flag, filename and full pathname using slashes as delimiters. The good flag will be 0 if you make a selection and will contain 1 if you have selected cancel.

There are 2 commands that control Standard File boxes. You can either bring up a load or save Standard File Box.

This toolset is proprietary to Call Box BASIC and emulates the functions of the Apple IIgs Standard File Tools. This tool is installed at system initialization time and is not physically part of the file CB. If the files SF and CB.INITb.1 are not in the SYSTEM/SETUP subdirectory and/or the file CB (version 2.1 b3 min.) is not being used then issueing these calls will cause the system to crash or hang. The New Folder function of the save standard file box is not functional in this beta release.

CALL SF,O,Y,X,"prompt",F,F$,P$ GetStdFile: This is the standard "LOAD" dialog box.
CALL SF,1,Y,X,"prompt","DefName",F,F$,P$ PutStdFile: This is the standard "SAVE" dialog box.

Horizontal position or left side.

Vertical position or the top side.

A load or save message like ... Load File .. or Save File as ...

Default filename for the edit box in SAVE boxes.

Good Flag, 0 = F$ and P$ are valid, 1 = F$ and P$ are invalid

Filename selected

Full pathname selected (delimited with slashes instead of colons)