Call Box Commands
Version 2.0 15 Jan-90

CALL LN the LINE command

There is 1 command that draws lines ... this command will also draw points if you make the two sets of coordinates the same. The Line is drawn with the pen in the current port.

Note: Any command that draws something, draws to a graphics port. You must make sure that the port you want to draw in is the current port before drawing to it. Because you are drawing to a port and not necessarily the screen, the coordinates used to draw are in a coordinate system unique to the port you have selected. This coordinate system is Called LOCAL. GLOBAL coordinates on the other hand refer to the screen coordinates... or the current cursor position. If you choose to draw to the screen then the LOCAL coordinates will equal the GLOBAL coordinates.

CALL LN,H1 ,V1 ,H2,V2 DRAW LINE: draws a line from HI,VI to H2, V2 in the current pen mode and pattern.

Vertical starting position

Horizontal starting position

Vertical ending position

Horizontal ending position