The Call Box TPS
(Toolbox Programming System)

RECOMMENDED PLATFORM: Apple IIgs w/1meg, 2 or more 3.5 drives or Hard Drive.

Welcome to the wonderful world of WYSIWYG.
(What You See Is What You Get.)

Create programs in assembly, C, pascal or even Appesoft BASIC using the powers of CALL BOX in a fraction of the time needed before.

CALL BOX is a programming system with several facets designed to maximize your programming ease and pleasure. Most popular languages are supported by the Editors included in this system which have been designed to produce "difficult to make" items needed in applications that use the Apple IIgs toolbox. You can create ICONS, PIXEL IMAGES, CURSORS, WINDOW PARAMETER LISTS, DIALOG TEMPLATES, and MENU TEMPLATES using the 4 WYSIWYG editors supplied on the CALL BOX disk. These editors support APW/ORCA Source code, OMF~2 object files and Resources to allow you great flexibility when creating a program.

The CALL BOX BASIC Interface gives the ProDOS 8 /Applesoft programmer access to the Apple IIgs toolbox functions once reserved for the C or assembly language programmer. Over 24 new CALLS make Applesoft BASIC a potent competitor in the program development arena. The functions of Quickdraw II Event/Task-master, Quickdraw II aux., Window Manager, Control Manager, Dialog Manager, Menu Manager, and Line Edit Tools are available for Applesoft BASIC with a parametered CALL. Any toolbox tool can be operated through a generic long-CALL plus Applesoft enhancements like Long peek, Long poke, and Super Array are included to increase Applesoft's ability to deal with Apple IIgs.

CALL BOX starts up to a launching shell which has menu selections for the WYSIWYG Editors, Demo/tutorial, file utilities, and system routers. Your own application (such as your development shell) can be programmed into a user system router for easy flipping back and forth from your program editor to the CALL BOX system. The file utilities allow you to RENAME, DELETE, Set ACCESS bits, Set filetype and Set Auxtype for any file online currently. Another utility is provided for the Applesoft user which allows you to change the default variables in the CB.VARS file.

The Demo/tutorial shows the Applesoft BASIC programmer how to use the many functions of the CALL BOX BASIC Interface by demonstration and example. Applesoft BASIC never looked so good and now operating under GS/OS V5.O even faster!

Fully GS/OS compatible (System Disk 5.0), not copy protected.


Each zip file contains .2mg and .dc filetypes which are compatible with most emulators.

     Call Box Launching Shell V2.0 ( 790,574)
     Call Box Editors V2.0 ( 150,934)
     Call Box BASIC Interface V2.0 ( 244,534)
     Call Box Demo ( 712,066)
     C.B.P.A #1 ( 806,442)
     C.B.P.A #2 ( 511,713)
     C.B.P.A #3 ( 641,023)

Should you experience any difficulty in downloading and unpacking these files please e-mail for technical assistance, it is unclear whether you will actually get any, but give it a try anyway.

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